Online Studies

10 Minutes with the Apostle Paul

This class will focus on each of the 13 letters in the New Testament written by the Apostle Paul and will provide historical and cultural details to enrich our understanding of them.  Each of the weekly lessons will consist of a 10-15 minute Zoom recording by Jamie Knapp that can be viewed at your convenience.  After viewing the lesson, you will be able to read the letter with a fresh perspective on its purpose for the original audience as well as a 21st century audience.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Paul

Lesson 4 - 1st Corinthians

Lesson 7 - Ephesians

Lesson 10 - Philippians

Lesson 2 - 1st & 2nd Thessalonians

Lesson 5 - 2nd Corinthians

Lesson 8 - Colossians

Lesson 11 - 1st Timothy

Lesson 13 - 2nd Timothy

Lesson 3 - Galatians

Lesson 6 - Romans

Lesson 9 - Philemon

Lesson 12 - Titus