Online Studies

The Story of Jesus

Join us for a series of Zoom lessons as we follow the story of Jesus from his birth to his return to heaven taught by Jaime Knapp.  We will weave together information from the Gospels and sprinkle in details provided by scholars to enrich our understanding of the time and the place in which Jesus lived and conducted his ministry.  Each of the weekly lessons will last between 10-15 minutes and can be viewed at a time convenient for you.

10 Minutes with the Apostle Paul

This class will focus on each of the 13 letters in the New Testament written by the Apostle Paul and will provide historical and cultural details to enrich our understanding of them.  Each of the weekly lessons will consist of a 10-15 minute Zoom recording by Jamie Knapp that can be viewed at your convenience.  After viewing the lesson, you will be able to read the letter with a fresh perspective on its purpose for the original audience as well as a 21st century audience.

Sunday Morning Auditorium Classes

Connecting with the Psalms
The psalms have been connecting with people’s hearts ever since they were written. These poems help us focus on God as we experience the full range of human emotions. 
In this study, we will look at several Psalms, some of them well-known and others less familiar. Hopefully, we will be able to “connect” with them in a way that effects our lives.
Listening with Intent
While the Bible is important for us to read and learn from, we all know and even the Apostle Peter agrees that sometimes these writing can be hard to understand (2 Peter 3:15-16). We will spend time in this class discussing the concept of hermeneutics and putting what we learn into practice as we discuss Bible passages that the class has questions about.